Weekly Petrol Prices
    Per 20 Liters
  kerozene LL -- $
  Gasoline 98 LL 26700 $
  Gasoline 95 LL 26100 $
  GASOIL LL 17700 $
  DIESEL OIL LL 17800 $
Customer Services
Till now we have in our portfolio more than 500 satisfied customer at different levels in different regions such as Hotels, Restaurants, Business centers, Bakeries, Governmental buildings, Contracting and constructing companies, factories, Laundries, Schools, Universities, malls, and private residences.
And to ensure accuracy and customers' satisfaction we provided all our trucks with the GPRS system which is a positioning, tracking and fleet management system for vehicles.
These devices permit a full analysis of the activity of vehicles to optimize their management and increase their productivity
Contact us directly by calling our customer service line:
  • 00961 3 948923
  • 00961 3 636377
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