Weekly Petrol Prices
    Per 20 Liters
  kerozene LL -- $
  Gasoline 98 LL 26700 $
  Gasoline 95 LL 26100 $
  GASOIL LL 17700 $
  DIESEL OIL LL 17800 $
About Us
Jato petroleum EST.
An existing wholesale distributor of gas oil, diesel oil, fuel and lubricants. Founded in 2000
Al moultaka petrol:
Founded in 1993 with a rich and long experience in the petroleum field. Specializing in storage and distribution
Pacific water:
In 2006 we began delivering water in large trucks EPOXY coated, which maintains water quality and hygiene. Leading us to create our new division "pacific water".
In addition to providing our customers with a quality product and efficient service, jato petroleum and al moultaka are a solid company who continues to meet the fueling needs for thousand of our customers throughout the Lebanese territory as we have for the past 20 years.
Customer service
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